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Fire Into Earth Season

In Chinese Medicine and the 5 Elements, Fire signifies summer and Earth signifies late summer.  As we planted our seeds in the Spring (Wood season), the sun gradually became hotter and hotter as the summer approached and reached its peak.  With this sunlight, came important nutrients that fed the mineral rich soil and our fruits ripened.  We too are nourished with the summer sun, which gives us energy, calm and nutrients(such as vitamin D-which has been shown to alleviate and/or prevent many chronic diseases). During the summer months, daylight is longer, we tend to do more, stay up later, ie burn more energy. This yang (heat) energy is what also feeds our garden. As the end of summer comes upon us, our fruits and vegetables are at their peak of flavor and substance.  We consume them at their ripest, or can them for later use in the fall and winter when their essence is needed to keep us warm and nourished.  Earth quality is like the baby comfortable and cozy, in mothers arms, suckling the perfect temperature and nutrient rich milk.  The fruit of our labor has come to harvest.  Enjoy late summers bounty!

From JR Worsley’s book: The Five Elements and Officials- Stomach 40 Acupuncture Point: Abundant Splendour:  “The very image which Abundant Splendour conjures up is the end of harvest time when all the gifts of Nature have been gathered and stored for the coming year, and we have before us all the riches of the harvest from which to choose and on which to feed….”

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