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Black Bean Soup with Banana Bread?

Who would have guessed!? A couple of weeks ago, with the fall chills upon us, I wanted warming comfort foods. Just getting back from my acupuncture shift at the clinic, my family was hungry and I didn’t have much in the kitchen to cook for dinner—- except brown bananas and flour… Hmmm, what could I cook as a main dish to go with the banana bread? I first thought of sweeter soups, but decided to google the question “What soups go good with banana bread?” Black bean soup popped up! “Really?!” I thought.. Well let me tell you, when all was said and done in 20 minutes or less, the combination of black beans and bananas was like chocolate and heaven! Click here to see the recipe . I added 1 can of red kidney beans to my soup because I thought it needed a little more thickening, and I always do add the walnuts to my banana bread.  Enjoy!

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