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Chickenpox (Varicella-Zoster Virus VZV) and Homeopathic nosode vaccine Varicella

Recently, my son may have been exposed to chickenpox (aka varicella virus). Being an Acupuncturist who advocates safer alternatives, in this specific situation, I wanted to give my son something less toxic and intense than a traditional vaccine. I also wanted to give him something that would work to decrease the severity of symptoms should he come down with a potential outbreak.  I turned to homeopathy and Nosodes, and specifically a nosode called Varicella, as it can be used prophylactically (preventatively) and during acute phases; Much like Chinese herbal medicine is used in treatment of viral and bacterial infections.  Nosodes are homeopathic medicines derived from a particular disease. They can be made from tissue containing the actual disease or from the vaccine containing the organisms. To my best knowledge, homeopathic nosodes are safe alternatives to vaccines and contain no live or active bacteria.
Nosodes are extremely hard to find, as most clinics or stores simply do not know much about this homeopathic medicine and just don’t carry it.

If you are in need of varicella, please contact my clinic at 503 236 6633.  After having had such a hard time finding it, I have made it my mission to stock it in my clinic should anyone need it for their children and families.

When should you use varicella nosode?: After exposure to the chickenpox virus, and during the acute phase of the disease, from the papule (first bumps), through blister to scab and post scab. It can help the itching and discomfort that comes along with the virus. Remember that the dosage will be different when using prophylactically vs symptomatically.

Alysia Anderson
Acupuncturist at An Sen Acupuncture and Massage in SE Portland Oregon
107 SE Washington St. Suite #134, 97214
503 236 6633

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