9000 Needles holds inspiration and reaffirms the symbiotic role of TCM and Western Medicine

“A must see, teary eyed, deep and happy eye opener.”

By Alysia Anderson L.Ac, M.Ac.OM Acupuncturist with An Sen Acupuncture and Massage Portland Oregon

Last night I had the opportunity to see the documentary 9000 Needles at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, OR. My friend and colleague Betsy Platt invited me along.  The room was filled with many fellow acupuncturists.  The vibe I felt was “ ahhh, Finally…some media to show the power of our medicine!

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Acupuncturist Betsy Platt and Alysia Anderson at the Screening for 9000 Needles

The movie was about a man, bodybuilder in particular, who suffered a stroke and went numb and limp on his entire right side.   This documentary takes us through his journey with western medicine and physical therapy, and the American insurance companies failure to provide long term support for his condition-leaving his wife and family to find alternatives both for monetary reasons and hope that his condition might improve.

He was able to lift his right leg (something he had never been able to do before) and what I noticed in particular, was the tremendous clarity in his vision!

The film documented the amazing results and milestones achieved using Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in combination with Western Physical Therapy and sincere care from the heart by staff, family and friends.  This- we call good “Qi”, or energy.  The documentary only left me wondering….., what more improvements may he have had if he received Acupuncture stroke protocols DIRECTLY following his stroke, and FOLLOW UP acupuncture treatments upon leaving China. ?!”…I also felt an emotional heart, for when I was a teenager, my grandmother suffered from a stroke, and I always think about her and what I would have been able to do for her had I already been an acupuncturist at the time.

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