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Chinese Medicine & The Heart

By Alysia Anderson, L.Ac, M.Ac.OM

We can’t help but think about the Heart on Valentines Day. In Chinese Medicine the heart is one of the 12 organs “or officials” that can be tapped into by stimulating acupuncture points. These acupuncture points can help the imbalanced heart in duress. They in essence can “jumpstart” the journey with your heart’s wellness. The heart is one of the “Fire” Organs in Chinese Medicine and is given the name “Supreme Controller” or “Emperor”. It’s energy is of great importance, and it’s spirit commands order over the rest of the body and officials, thus the spirit our lives. The heart is the seat of our feelings. On an emotional, spiritual level- the heart brings joy, warmth, connection, passion and our deepest loves. It is what connects us on the deepest levels to our own being and to our relationships with others. On a physical level, the heart circulates blood and warmth to the rest of the body and all of the organs. The physical aspects of our heart can affect the emotional aspects of our self and vice versa. When our spirit is low, and we are unhappy, joy is harder to access, maybe we can’t sleep, our chests feel tight, our blood pressure is either high or low, we experience palpitations, and generally look unwell.

In order to make connections and give love to others our heart and other “Fire” officials must be in balance. In order to give love, we must also receive. What is the state of your heart this Valentines Day? How is the relationship with yourself and with your partner or friends? If the answer to the relationship question is “not so good”, it may be time to connect with your own heart first. Have YOU connected with your heart recently? Done something that brings YOU joy? Sat quietly and felt your heartbeat? Is it rhythmic? Or is it stressed and erratic? When we are in balance, the connection in our relationships will come easy, joy and love will flow inward and outward, the heartbeat will feel smooth. WIshing you a “Peaceful Heart” this Valentines Day.

*My insights to the Heart comes from my clinical practice and the writings of Professor JR Worsley.

Valentines Day Portland Style Get a Massage Here

We’ve got a wonderful selection of massages for the Portland bound Love Birds this Valentines Day.

Bring love and joy into the heart of that special someone or treat yourself! Enjoy a simple and beautiful Valentines Day at An Sen Clinic!  We will incorporate into each treatment: a candlelit room with custom blend love potion aromatherapy oils, followed by our love potion tea and chocolates.

Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage
1hr: $70
1.5 hr $95
1.5 hr couples: $190
Acupuncture and Massage Combination:
1hr 15min: $87.50
*Gift Certificates Available

Our Portland Acupuncture Facebook Page

Just Launched our Facebook Page, where we share the latest wellness tips, advances in Acupunture and clinic events. Become a Fan by Valentines Day and we will show the love by giving all our fans a Gift of our Fire Element Aromatherapy Bath Salts, Stop by our Clinic in SE Portland to pick up your gift.

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