Portland’s Winter of Icky Sicky Colds and Flu!

Oh Boy!  This winter has proved one of the worst that I have ever seen in the clinic.  Although that Portland sun has come out to say hi recently, we are still in the midst  of the season! With all of the numerous symptoms including bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections, sinisitus and cold/flu symptoms, myself and my collegues have seen firsthand the power of our medicine work on a clinical level. How?/Read More?

Chinese medicine was based on pathogens entering the body and making their way to different levels.  Every symptom you experience is information which helps us determine how deep or superficial the pathogen has gotten.  The “level” helps us determine our treatment strategy with Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy.  What I have seen this year that the medicine has been able to do is- reduce the intensity or course of the illness, kick out the illness (sometimes even after hardcore antibiotics have failed), prevent illness (when others around you are sick), and even strengthen the bodies “Qi” so the pathogen does not even have a chance to enter!  Children also respond VERY well and usually very quickly to treatment, so if your childs regular pediatrician cannot do much more than prescribe antibiotics and tylenol, my friends YOUVE GOT OPTIONS!  So at the first sign of getting sick or even in the depths of feeling like theres no return, I URGE you to call us.  We can combine acupuncture and herbal therapy or if your in a hurry just prescribe you a herbal formula for your individual needs.  For more information of past blogs on herbal medicine for colds and flus please click here:

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