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By Alysia Anderson L.Ac., M.Ac.O.M.

Pictured the debate on Vaccines for Children

Knowing the Facts about Vaccinating your kids

As a concerned parent and a health care provider, I wanted to know the facts about vaccinations and the illnesses and diseases that our children and we as adults are vaccinated against.  Currently, the CDC (Center for Disease Control) vaccination schedule recommends 23 shots before the age of 2, sometimes receiving up to 9 shots in one well-baby checkup.

Vaccinations seem to be such a touchy subject among health care providers as well as parents.  There are extremes for and against the vaccine debate.  Then there are some who feel their situation leaves them somewhere in the middle.

As a provider I receive questions such as: If I were to give my child any vaccinations, what would the most important ones be?  What are the risks associated with vaccinations and what are the risks if you choose not to vaccinate? Does vaccination guarantee immunity? Then there are the questions about the vaccine, the ingredients?….how do they work?….what are the risks of actually catching the disease with or without the vaccinations….?..what are the risks of serious adverse reactions to them?…

To help answer these questions I recently obtained continuing education (right here in our backyards of Portland, OR!) in Vaccine Consulting from a Immunologist/Ph.D from Yale and a local Naturopathic Doctor who have been studying and researching vaccinations over a number of years.

When it comes to vaccinating, the CDC and American Pediatric Association do not take into account the state or health of your child’s immune system or daily lifestyle factors that may increase or decrease the chance of your child catching certain diseases. A “Scientifically Holistic Approach to Childhood Vaccinations” called “Vaccine Consult” is emerging which takes into consideration YOUR individual child and the FACTS about vaccinations backed by current research- so that YOU as a parent can feel comfortable in your decisions.  What does a Vaccine Consult entail exactly?  How does this fit into my Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine/pediatric practice here at An Sen?

First and foremost, I think we as parents make the best decisions for our children by educating ourselves to the best of our ability.  During a Vaccine Consult, I will ask a lot of questions about your child, their siblings, their lifestyle, diet/nutrition and living conditions, as well as, your lifestyle, diet and nutrition, and living conditions as  parents.  I will perform a Chinese Medical pediatric new patient or existing patient exam to determine your child’s “individual constitution” to better serve in assessing risk factors in contracting certain diseases’.  What I will not do, is tell you what to do regarding vaccinating, but I will give you the facts about all these questions, so  as a parent you can make educated decisions that you feel are most appropriate for your child.  I will suggest treatment strategies via herbs, supplements, acupuncture and/or pediatric tuina to help boost your child’s constitution and immune system, or reduce negative side effects of the vaccinations you may choose for your children.  If you are interested in a Vaccine Consult, please do not hesitate to contact Alysia Anderson L.Ac, M.Ac.OM or the clinic with any further questions.

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