Recommended Links

An Sen wants to share with its web browers a list of quality websites. Please click on the links below to visit the sites we have compiled.

Chinese herbal formulas, tonics, books and multimedia at your fingertips
Traditional Chinese Medicine portal

NCCAM – National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine
Find latest research and educational information
Visit to learn more on how mesothelioma patients are using massage and acupuncture as palliative therapy in cancer treatment. These alternative therapies, along with traditional treatments are being used by quality physicians such as, Dr. Jablons.

Portland Acupuncture Blog
Alysia Anderson of An Sen Clinic keeps speaks her mind on everything acupuncture. Read more about her experiences.

My Healing Source
My Healing Source is the culmination of my heart’s desire to share health, joy and the simple love of life with others on a path of consciousness!

Bath Salts & Gourmet Sea Salts |
Sea Salt Central provides information on exotic bath salts and edible salts from around the world. Natrually harvested and packed without any additives, the sea salt is left completely unrefined.

Salt Lamps & Himalayan Salt |
Local Portland Based Company distributing Himalayan Salt Lamps and other Fine Natural Products

Essential Oils, Aromatherapy products and more from Quinessence
Quality aromatherapy products including organic pure essential oils and hydrosols, carrier oils, skincare, haircare, massage oils and accessories. Site also features an online Newsletter and monthly Special Offers.